About Klockner Elementary School

  • Overview

    Klockner School is the sight of extensive community and family oriented activities. Klockner School has changed its status from a targeted assisted program to a schoolwide program. “Schoolwide programs address the educational needs of children living with comprehensive strategies for improving the whole school so every student achieves high levels of academic proficiency. Schoolwide programs have great latitude to determine how to organize their operations and allocate the multiple funding sources available to them. They do not have to identify particular children as eligible for services or separately track Federal dollars. Instead, schoolwide programs can use all allocated funds to increase the amount and quality of learning time.” Programs such as REAL MEN Read, Chat and Chew, our Math Bowl, and a 2nd Cup of Coffee are designed to increase student achievement and parental involvement. These programs are enjoyed by the students, staff and our school community. 

    In 2005, we initiated our first official service club. Our fifth grade students were inducted as officers and chairpersons of the Earlyact Club. Earlyact is a Rotary sponsored service club that has become a vital part of our school’s character education program. By participating in service projects, our students gain an opportunity to improve the quality of life in their local community, their nation, and the world. 

    Our highly qualified staff is committed to providing a program that caters to the unique, intellectual, physical, emotional, and social needs of our diverse population. We are fortunate to have Resource Room teachers, Basic Skills, Title 1 teachers, and teacher volunteers as mentors who provide opportunities for optimum learning on a daily basis. Our staff is committed to support the needs of each and every student entrusted in their care. In addition, we provide our students with a safe and healthy environment, enabling them to develop an understanding and respect for themselves and others. It is our ultimate goal to instill a love for learning, and provide our students with a firm foundation for their academic achievement and success in all their future endeavors. 

    Since 1908, our school’s reputation and success has rested in large measure on parental support with PTA and community involvement. Parents have participated in classroom activities, trips, and PTA functions. Our PTA raises funds that assist in field trip activities, programs, and assemblies. Furthermore, they have sponsored at least one Family Night at the school or at a local restaurant each month. It is no wonder that we greatly appreciate and welcome the strong PTA involvement. 

    We will continue to work together - Parents, Teachers, Administration, and the 猫咪社区 to educate our students as the future leaders of tomorrow. Within the next 100 years, Klockner School will always be the school “Out in Front” and the place where “Amazing Things Happen!”

    Building History

    Klockner School is one of seventeen elementary schools in the 猫咪社区 Township School District. The school is situated on a 2.3-acre site. The original section of the building was erected in 1908 with two subsequent additions constructed in 1922 and 1927.

    During the summer of 1990, the school received an extensive interior face lifting through reconstruction projects. Whereas now Klockner School is a kindergarten through fifth grade facility, at one time it received kindergarten through eighth grade students from many parts of the township.

    Klockner School has sixteen standard classrooms and a large multi-purpose room that serves several important functions. The nurse’s office is located in the lower level of the school along with the main office and the library.

    With so many years behind it, many generations of students as well as local leaders, and teachers, have been proud to call Klockner School their Alma Mater.